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Standard Standard Three Phase Squirrel Cage Motors.

Standard Electrical and Mechanical features & Range: -
Motors with standard rating and duty cycles, 3 phase squirrel cage 0.18kw/0.25hp to 30kw/40hp with standard speed and various type of construction are available from frame size 63 to 200.

Standards :-
Performance conforms to IS: 325 and dimensions according to IS: 1231 and IS: 2223.

Motors are rated for continuous duty at an ambient of 40o C and site altitudes of up to 1000 m above sea level

Voltage and Frequency:-
Motors are designed for 415±6% Volts,3 phase 50 Hz ±3% supply. Motors with different voltage (110,220,380,400,525 etc)and frequency (60 Hz) are available on request.

Motors have IP 55 degree of protection as a standard feature This degree of protection conforms to IS : 4691.

Motor Frame:-
Motors are Supplied in robust and rugged cast iron frame with integral feet from 63 to 200. However, motors can be supplied in die cast aluminum body with integral feet from frame size 63, 71, 80, 90, 100, 112.

Motors are provided with class 'B/F' insulation as standard feature. This degree of protection conforms to IS: 4691.

Winding Protection :-
Embedded of PTC thermistors in the stator winding is feasible on request.

Paint :-
Standard paint is Suitable for tropical conditions. However, special paint is available on request.

Types Of Construction :-
Standard motors with single shaft extension are for horizontal foot mounting (B3 as per IS: 1231). Other types of construction like double shaft extension, flange mounting (B5 as per IS: 2223), face mounting (B14 as per IS: 2253) available on request.

Cooling and Ventilation :-
Type of cooling is as per IS: 6362. All TEFC motors are having an external centrifugal fan, mounted on non driving end shaft.

Noise :-
Motors are designed and produced for low noise levels. Our stator stacking system eliminates electromagnetic noise caused by loose stamping. All rotors are balanced on electronic dynamic balancing machine. Driving shaft & bearing seats are ground finished to close limits resulting in vibration free running.

Terminal Box : -
Standard location of the terminal box is on the left side of the housing. Looking from driving end. (Except in frame size 200L, Where terminal box is located on the top of the housing) Terminal box can be given on the right side of the housing if required. Terminal box is on the top in aluminum die cast housing in frame size 63, 71, 80, 90, 100, 112.

Bearings & Lubricants:-
All the motors are supplied with C3 clearance ball bearings with lithium base grease at the time of assembly. However, motors can be supplied with pre lubricated sealed bearings, if required.

Earthing: -
All motors are provided with minimum 2 earthing terminals.

Note :-
The Indian Standard (IS) mention above is for reference only. The motors can be manufactured and supplied according to following standards also.

International Standards:-
IEC 34-1: Recommendations for rotating electrical machines.
IEC 72-1: Recommendations dimensions & output ratings of electrical machines - Foot mounting.
IEC 72-2: Recommendations dimensions & output ratings of electrical machines - Flange mounting.

British Standards:-
BS 3979: Dimensions of electric motors.
BS 4999: Specifications for general requirement for rotating electrical machines.
BS 5000: Specification for rotating electrical machines.

Applications :-

Pumps Hoists Chemical Plants
Blowers Cranes Machine Tools
Compressors Cold storage Plastic Moulding Machinery
Lifts Cement Plants Food Processing Machinery
Flour Mills Paper Mills Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
Fans Industries  

* 3 Phase motors are with ISI marked, confiming to IS:325 / 1996.
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