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Textile Motors

Delta - Textile motorsMore Details

'Delta' textile motors are suitable for use in Silk, Cotton and Synthetic Fiber textile mills and power looms. It has got smooth acceleration, high torque and noiseless performance. They are either supplied in TESC or TEFC design. For high speed looms these motors can be supplied with 24/190 Volts D.C. disc brake. The brake is mounted on non-driving end and it works as under.

Range :
Hp / Kw : 0.25 hp / 0.18Kw to 2hp / 1.5 Kw
Frame : 100 to 132
Syn. R.P.M : 1000, 750
Duty : S1
Insulation Class : B, E, F
Enclosure : TEFC / TESC
Protection : IP54
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