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Standard Three Phase Squirrel Cage Motors
Single Phase Squirrel Cage Motors with Electronic Starting Switch
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Single Phase Squirrel Cage Motors with Electronic Starting Switch with Electronic Starting Switch

Standard of Manufacture :

BS 2048 Part I                      : For dimensions of 0.25 hp to I hp motors
IS 996 & IS 1231                 : For dimensions above 1 hp to 3 hp motors
BS 5000 Part 11 & IS 996   : For performance

Voltage & Frequency :
Motors are designed for std. 230±6% Volts, 50 Hz±3% supply. Motors with different voltage (110 Volts) and 60 Hz frequency are available on request.

Motor Frame :
0.25 hp to 1 hp motors are normally supplied in M.S. sheet metal fabricated body (Frame size B56) with screen protected end shields. However, the above motors can be supplied in Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) body, if required. Above 1 hp to 3hp the motors are generally supplied in TEFC C.I.body of IS 100,112,132 frame. However, where weight is the main criteria full range of motors can be supplied in M.S. sheet metal fabricated body or in Aluminum body also.

Mountings :
Foot mounted, Flange mounted or combination of both.

Bearings & Lubrication: -
All the motors are supplied with C3 clearance ball bearings. Bearing housings are so designed that grease is retained in housing and are adequately protected against penetration of dust, dirt and damp. All bearings are fully charged with lithium base grease at the time of assembly and no further lubrication is required for two years normal running. However, motors are also available with pre lubricated sealed bearings.

Electronic Starting Switch: -
The specially designed terminal plate moulded with electronic starting switch is incorporated in all our single phase motors. This electronic starting switch constantly monitors voltage, current and speed of the motor. It also monitors load condition.

Winding Protection: -
Embedded of PTC thermisters in the stator windings is feasible on request.

Running :
The careful construction and special design ensure quiet running of the motor.

Applications :-

Brake Motors are used for numerous applications. A few of them are listed below :

Domestic Floor Mills Domestic pumps Surgical / Vacuum pumps
Machine Tools Diamond Polishers Air Compressors

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